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Thanks for taking a look at our church guide publication. We sincerely hope that if you are not actively involved in a church with your family that this publication might provide you with information about our local CHRISTIAN churches in way that will prompt you to take that initial step of faith to attend one of their services.

The idea for this publication came to light over lunch one day. In casual conversation it was determined that we have some great programs going on in our church that the public does not know about. We then realized that other churches probably do as well. We decided to embark on an adventure that would give our local churches an avenue to promote their programs to the general public. We also felt a need to allow people not currently involved in a church an opportunity to learn the mission of each individual church before physically walking in the door. Lastly, we felt it would provide a way for the local church to come together as the body of Christ in a joint effort to carry out our most important work as Christians: reaching out to others in a way that encourages them to a relationship with Christ.


Local Church Connection is a free publication dedicated to helping readers find a church home or church related activities in their area.

We are excited to present the publication to the general public on a regular schedule.

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